The carafe and flasks of forest glass

Carafes and pitchers

 Forest glass carafes and pitchers were produced all over the Europe according the Italien products. For the first time it was possible to find these products already in 13th Century. Castles, monasteries and churches were the biggest consumers of the forest glass. The first discovery of the forest glass in Bohemia is dated approximately in year 1460.


There were various shapes and size of the flasks. These were used by dinning as well as for storage in the castle kitchens ( for vinegar, various oils etc.)and for cellarmen to preserve rare kinds of wine. The most using type of flasks in middle Ages was „ KUTROLF“ . Its origin comes from the late Antiquity occurring in several variety with one, two or more throats . However similar flasks served as perfume bottles in Antiquity and in the South of Europe especialy in France they kept this function even in the Middle Ages and Rennaissance .The greates expansion of „Kutrolf“ is known in Germany, where mass production lasted until 18th Century. Kutrolf is known in Bohemia counries as well. Using of Kutrolfs for wine and spirits exists in Central Europe until 17th Century. According to the legend knights has used kutrolf on horseback in order to avoit spilling of liquid.

Forest green glass
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