Forest glass – replicas of green glas

Greenish glass with bubbles is called Forest green glass Production of this glass is a handicraft and above mentioned                                                   bubbles and slightly rough surface adds the magic of the past to the forest glass. Traces on the bottle bottom made by separation from the blowpipe, various types of decors like raspberries, prunts, drawn blobs etc are the typical attributes of historical forest green glass. These objects were not only a decorative elements, they had also a practical using. In times of greatest using of the forest green glass there were common eating by hands. Therefore the rough surface of glasses assured that the glass did not slide. The most famous development of the production of the forest glass was achieved in 14 thand 15th century. Its production subsisted until the beginning of the 18th. Century. In Bohemia there is documented also the production of the blue glass coloured by cobalt that was the waste material by silver mining. In the beginning the blue glass was used only for decoration of the green glass. The routine production of the blue glass was established in Bohemia in the first half of the 16th century The production of the red glass came to us from the venetian glassworks. Initially it was used as a decoration of the clear glass.

Offering of replicas of the forest green glass


Using filter you could split production of the forest glass into following groups:

- Gift sets – gift sets of goblets and carafes

- Carafes, flasks - carafes, pitcher, kutrolf, flasks -

Vinegoblets – you can chose separate goblets like "Říman, Romer, renaissance goblets, wedding goblets etc.

- others – bowls, candlesticks,vases

Forest glass - replicas manufactured by original artworks

Medieval glass

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