Vine cups of the forest glass – gothic, renaissance 


 Replicas of the historical glass are made as a medieval technology. This is a handmade craft and above mentioned bubbles and slide roughness give charm of the past to cubs, tumblers and goblets of the forest glass. Traces on the bottom of bottles made by separation from the blowpipe, various types of decors like raspberries, prunts, drawn drops etc are the typical attributes of historical forest green glas. These object were not only a decorative elements, they had also a practical using. In times of greatest using of the forest green glas there were common eating by hands. Therefore the rough surface of glasses assured that the glass did not slide. In Czech glass industry the production of the forest glass achieved his famous years in 14 th and 15th century. Common production continued up to the beginning of 18th century. In Bohemian countries there is known also production of blue glass, coloured by cobalt, that has been a waste material in extraction of silver. In the beginning blue glass was used as a decor of green glass, since on the first half of 16th century there was founded production of blue glass. Production of the red glass came from Venetian glassworks. Red glass was used initially as a decor of clear glass.  

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